Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin have welcomed their seventh child, Ilaria Catalina Irena.

Hilaria & Alec Baldwin's 7th Child's Name Is A Nod To Women In Their Fam

Hilaria also posted the cutest family photo.

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Congratulations to Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. As Hilaria has documented on Instagram this past week, the couple has welcomed a baby girl. Interestingly, they didn’t give their daughter, who is their seventh child together, just any girl’s name. On Sept. 28, Hilaria shared a video of her cradling her newborn daughter in her hands and used the caption to issue a letter explaining the meaning behind her little girl’s name: Ilaria Catalina Irena.

“Dear Ilaria, Tonight you will be 6 days old and if you ever read this, I want you to know how happy we are that you came into our lives,” Hilaria wrote before explaining the similarities between her and her daughter’s names. “Our names mean ‘happy,’ and to share this connection with you feels like an honor to me.”

Hilaria didn’t expand on the intention behind Ilaria’s middle names, Catalina and Irena. However, Catalina is a variation of the name Catherine, meaning it could be an homage to Hilaria’s mother, Kathryn Hayward. As for the name Irena, BuzzFeed reports it appears to have been inspired by Hilaria’s grandmother, Irene.

Although Hilaria hasn’t confirmed these inspiration speculations behind Ilaria’s middle names, she did say in her Instagram caption that her daughter’s name pays tribute to the important women in their family. “I named you in honor of happiness and the mothers in our family who came before you,” Hilaria wrote to her daughter. “Our name means happy in all languages. A few letters different here and there…same meaning.”

Hilaria ended her message by telling her daughter to prioritize positivity. “Hija mía, sometimes we have to lean into happiness, choose the warm and supportive people, because there are so many, and dial down the negativity to absorb as little of it as possible,” she said. “May we live happy, Ilaria, and may our names always be a strong, feminist reminder. I love you always.”

A few days later, on Oct. 3, Hilaria and Alec shared the first family photo with Ilaria and her siblings. “Our first photo with the smallest Baldwins! What a Baldwinito dream team,” Hilaria captioned the family photo. She also gave a shoutout to Alec’s oldest daughter, Ireland, whose mother is Baldwin’s ex-wife Kim Basinger. “Ireland, you are missed and loved ✨,” Hilaria added.

Congrats on expanding your family, Hilaria and Alec.