Here's How Sexy Glenn Coco From 'Mean Girls' Is Today


Good luck living a normal life if you're the subject of one of the most quotable movie references of all time.

I'm talking about Glenn Coco from "Mean Girls" — YOU GO, GLENN COCO!

He will forever be known as the winner of candy canes and our nation's heart. But his proper name is David Reale.

You don't actually see a great deal of him in the movie, which we've just learned is a MASSIVE shame. We've stumbled across his Instagram (and by "stumbled" I mean "aggressively stalked"), and it turns out Glenn Coco is a major hottie.

I'm not just talking about looks. Yes, he's a decent slab of man-meat, but David looks like the all-around boyfriend package.

He's funny...

...and good with your parents.

He's got killer fashion sense...

...and likes cruising around museums and pondering modern art while listening to "Dust In The Wind."

Plus, he has a head of hair full enough to set your ovaries alight with desire.

Let's relive our childhood one more time:

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