Helena Kills A Clone In ‘Orphan Black’ Season 5 Clip And We Need Answers


At this point, Orphan Black fans have pretty much seen it all, but the sci-fi series still has some shocking twists in store for viewers for its upcoming fifth and final season.

Case in point: the gasp-worthy new clip BBC America just released, which shows Helena killing one of her "sestras."

The short video shows Helena examining a dagger, stating "I will cleanse them from this Earth" before she walks into a church and stabs a veiled woman in the back.


It's not until the woman falls on the floor before dying that both we and Helena see her familiar face. Yep — it's another clone. And honestly, from her wide-eyed reaction, Helena seems just as surprised to discover that she just killed a clone as we all are.

So who was Helena actually trying to kill? And who is this new clone that is now dead? Hasn't Helena moved on from her clone-killing phase? What's going on here!?


Check out the crazy first look at Season 5 below, and then we can try to break down what's happening.

Wild, right? Or at least, it would be if this was taking place in the present timeline. A lot of fans are assuming the new clip is likely a nightmare or a flashback Helena has in the new season.

Since Helena has obviously reformed from her days of trying to kill of her clones in the past few seasons, most fans are assuming this is a flashback to the first time that Helena killed a clone. After all, she was raised in a church, where the killing scene is set, and she looked genuinely shocked to see someone else with the same face as her.


The fifth and final season of Orphan Black will premiere on June 10 on BBC America.