"Save the City" from 'Rogers: The Musical' in 'Hawkeye' is available online.

Yes, You Can Hear The Full Captain America Broadway Song From Hawkeye Online

Marvel meets Hamilton, what could be better?


Sure, there may be an infinite number of possibilities within Marvel’s multiverse, but did you ever think there would be an Avengers Broadway musical number? I, for one, did not see it coming in the first episode of Disney’s new Hawkeye series, but I’m absolutely ecstatic it’s here — and yes, you can listen to the full song online. So do yourself a favor and listen to the full “Save the City” song from Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical. Trust me, if you’re a Marvel fan at all, you won’t regret it.

Marvel released the full audio for “Save the City” on Nov. 23 via YouTube, where hundreds of viewers have already commented on how much they adore the song. And if you know anything about the YouTube comments section, you know they’re usually not the nicest. “This song is way too good for being in a single scene of a Disney+ show,” one viewer wrote in a Nov. 24 comment. “It deserves more. Give us more. Please.” Many more viewers seemed to agree, as scores of comments called for a full version of the fictional Rogers: The Musical Broadway show.

There’s no denying the song is objectively well written and composed, and that’s for good reason: The creators of the song, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, are veteran Broadway composers best known for writing the the hit musical Hairspray, as well as several other big-name projects, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mary Poppins Returns. So, it’s pretty easy to see why the song is such an earworm.

“[Scott and I] were at an Academy Award dinner, and I’m sitting there and someone taps me on the shoulder and says, ‘Excuse me, Kevin Feige would love to meet you,’” Shaiman noted in a Nov. 10 interview for Marvel’s blog. “I knew who Kevin was, and I was like he wants to meet me, really? Turns out Kevin is a film score nerd. He started talking about [the scores I’ve written] one by one and I was like, I cannot believe this is happening.”

Shaiman and Feige began exchanging emails about music, and when the idea for an Avengers-themed Broadway musical number came up, Feige immediately tapped Shaiman and Wittman to hop on the project. The duo wrote the number amid 2020’s lockdown, so they had plenty of time to perfect their piece. When the song was finally finished, Shaiman and Wittman seemed proud of what they’d accomplished.

“It's been so thrilling to watch those reaction videos to the trailers,” Shaiman said. “We’ve worked on a lot of stuff that goes around the world, but man, there's nothing like the Marvel fans and how they look [for hidden details] and everything.” With all the detail work Shaiman and Wittman put into the song, it’s nearly impossible to appreciate it for anything less than it is: a modern-day masterpiece.