What Ever Happened To Healy In 'Orange Is The New Black'?


Fans of Orange Is the New Black will notice one familiar face notably absent when they start bingeing Season 5.

Litchfield's counselor Sam Healy has been a mainstay on the show since its beginning, but he's nowhere to be seen in the new season. So... where is he?

It turns out Healy may have taken his final bow at the end of Season 4, in which he grew from being the misogynistic jerk we met in Season 1 to an actually somewhat sympathetic character.


Last season, he bonded with psychotic inmate Lolly, taking care of her after she admits to murdering a guard, believing she is delusional. We learn through flashbacks Healy's mother similarly suffered from psychosis and delusional thinking and that he took care of her as a child, explaining his connection to Lolly.

Although Lolly does suffer delusions, she really was part of the murder of a guard who was sent to the prison to kill Alex. When Healy discovers the truth, he is heartbroken to have to check Lolly into the psych ward.

He attempts to kill himself by walking into a lake but decides against it at the last minute.


The last time we see Healy, he is checking himself into a psychiatric institute. It looks like Healy will remain a patient at that institute for the rest of series, or at least throughout Season 5.

Although being a psych patient is obviously not an ideal situation, it sure seems like Healy made a prescient decision to get out of Litchfield when he did. Had he stayed on as the counselor, he would have been taken hostage at the beginning of Season 5, which kicks off with the inmates rounding up all the guards and torturing them as their prisoners.

We might see Healy again sometime in the future, but for this season, he remains out of sight at the psychiatric institute.