This Photo Of Harry Styles And His New 'Haircut' Is Totally Fake


I just found my least favorite human.

Yes, Ellis Lacy, I'm looking at you.

If you're a fan of One Direction (once a fan, always a fan), you've been searching the Internet for one thing this weekend: a photo of Harry Styles' new haircut.

On Friday, the 22-year-old singer posted this picture on Instagram.

In true Directioner fashion, everyone freaked out. Directioners around the word became anxious and vulnerable.

All we wanted was a picture of Harry and his 'do.

And Ellis Lacy knew exactly how to play us.

Harry looks cool now he cut his hair pic.twitter.com/sE8Sde0iOa — Ellis Lacy (@EllisLacyUK) May 7, 2016

Thanks to technology like Snapchat and MSQRD, some people fell for it.

It also didn't help that Ellis also posted a somewhat convincing video on Facebook, pretending to be Harry himself.

He later told The Sun Online,

I just uploaded it as bit of a laugh, I never expected it to blow up so quickly. It's very flattering that some people have believed it, Harry's a good looking lad. It seems to have caused bit of a divide with One Direction fans, some want it to be real whilst others are pointing out all my flaws! It's funny reading the comments, One Direction fans are really passionate and loyal to the boys, it really shows with some of their comments.

It's "funny," Ellis???? A "laugh," Ellis??? For some of us, this isn't funny at all. I didn't laugh once. Please don't play with my emotions like this.

If you do, however, see a REAL photo of Harry with his fresh cut, please tweet at me and let me know.

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