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This Is How Much Harry Styles' Fashion Has Changed Over The Years (Photos)

With One Direction now on a hiatus, Directioners can take a step back and reminisce about all the weird crap Harry Styles wore over the past five years.

A half-decade in the spotlight proved Harry's style is as unpredictable as a Larry Stylinson erotic fan-fic blog. Scroll down to see the evolution.

The “Sexy Orphans”

The “Nicholas Sparks Beach BBQ”

The “Screech Powers”

The “Princeton Yacht Club”

The “Basic Bitch: Coachella”

The “Waxed Chest”

The “Samantha Ronson Circa 2007”

The “Volleybro”

The “Basic Bitch: Bachelorette Party”

The “Italian Businessman”

The “Sad Cater Waiter”

The “Kylie Jenner + Hat”

The “Basic Bitch: Winter Break in the Poconos”

The “Cage Dancer”

The “Arizona Iced Tea”

The “Some Things Never Change”

Don't be surprised if when 1D returns in 18 months, Harry switches it up and hits the stage in that red lip classic thing that you like or, better yet, that good girl faith* and a tight little skirt.

Either way, (sing it with me) he'll never go out of style.

*Low-key still trying to figure out what this is.