'Harry Potter' Fans Are Doing Everything They Can To Free A Caged Dobby

Fans are coming together to protect their beloved Dobby and free him from the "Harry Potter" exhibit at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Apparently, visitors have been leaving socks next to a caged statue of Dobby in protest. "Harry Potter" fans know the way to free a house-elf is to give him or her a piece of clothing, so that's exactly what they are doing.

You can see what I mean below. JK Rowling retweeted a visitor's photo, and now a mini-chain of other fans started to share their attempts to free Dobby.

Don't worry, Dobby! We're here for you.

People have been trying to free Dobby at the WB Studio Tour pic.twitter.com/qTduzDmZvu — Hogwarts Logic (@HogwartsLogic) September 27, 2015


@HogwartsLogic @jk_rowling I did the same in Paris haha !! :-) #freedomforDobby pic.twitter.com/QeuuFFPdJw — Marion (@xCharlie_) September 30, 2015

No one cages this house-elf.

@HogwartsLogic@jk_rowlingpic.twitter.com/BoE2c6bahd — Katie Louise (@katiethekoolies) September 30, 2015

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