June (Elisabeth Moss) in The Handmaid's Tale

June Is On The Verge Of Another Murder In The New Handmaids Promo

Something tells me Serena Joy won't go down that easy, though.

by Ani Bundel
Sophie Giraud/Hulu

As The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 settles in, the story is shaping up to look like the ultimate showdown. In the red corner, June Osborne, mother of two, rage of two million, ready to take on all Gilead comers. In the blue corner, Serena Joy flaunting her pregnancy and doubling down on the Gilead true believer stance as the most straightforward path to power. As The Handmaid’s Tale’s Season 5, Episode 4 promo shows, their fight will be the heart of this season.

Warning: Spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale’s Season 5, Episode 3 follow. Serena Joy got her revenge on June for Fred Waterford’s murder by incorporating Hannah in the internationally broadcast funeral service, ensuring June was reminded she had still failed to get her daughter out of Gilead. Plus, she got in the extra twist that Hannah was well on her way to growing up and becoming a Wife.

But Serena Joy’s plans were predicated on remaining in Gilead, where June could not touch her. She thought she had it in the bag to stay, between her ideas for Gilead and her schemes to become the next Mrs. Lawrence. Heck, marrying Joseph Lawrence would be a power coup, and she’d get a decent father out of the deal for her unborn child. Too bad Lawrence was not having any of that; he let the Commanders ship Serena back to Canada, where June was waiting with open arms... firearms, that is.

Episode 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 is titled “Dear Offred,” though it’s not clear if this is a letter to her past self that June is writing, or if it’s Serena Joy taunting her rival by using the name Gilead inflicted on her. As for the synopsis, it gives a little more detail on the other major storyline this season, that of Aunt Lydia’s: “June fights her need for violent revenge as Serena settles into her new role in Toronto. Rattled by Janine, Aunt Lydia makes a surprising suggestion to Lawrence.”

Though the title fight is between June and Serena, Aunt Lydia’s story is one to watch as well. With only one more season of The Handmaid’s Tale to go, and series creator Bruce Miller working on an adaptation of The Testaments, Aunt Lydia’s arc is going to become a significant force connecting the two series.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 continues with new episodes streaming every Wednesday on Hulu.