This Guy At The VMAs Most Likely Inspired Kanye To Run For President


Did this random dude single-handedly convince Kanye to run for president?

When Kanye West first announced his 2020 presidential campaign, we were all too busy being stunned to really think about the events leading up to him dropping the announcement.

How could we be forced to form a rational train of thought at a time when the possibility of Kim Kardashian West becoming the first lady suddenly became a reality?

But if you read back the transcript and watch the video, you get the feeling Yeezy didn't exactly plan on running when he first started talking.

Want evidence to that fact? Watch this video uploaded to Instagram by 24urbancom.

Some dude yelled, "Kanye for president!" and then a few seconds later, Kanye announced he's going to run for president?

It seems like too much of a coincidence to ignore.

Also, read the speech. Kanye started off talking about Taylor Swift, made a weird remark about Justin Timberlake crying at the Grammys and then went on to talk about how he doesn't understand the politics behind award shows.

After going on a 10-minute rant, West ended his speech by declaring,

And yes, as you probably could've guessed by this moment I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

What? Nobody guessed that! Literally nothing in that speech implied a presidential run. He used the word "bro" like 10 times, for Christ's sake!

This clip makes it seem like Kanye was running out of things to say, heard someone suggest he should announce his candidacy, thought, "the White House sounds dope AF," and then declared he'd be our commander in chief by 2020.

For real, though, I'm still voting for him.

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