'Stranger Things' fans who ship Chrissy and Eddie loved Grace Van Dien's recent selfie with Joseph Q...

Everyone's Fav Stranger Things 4 Duo Finally Reunited With The Perf Selfie

I'm actually obsessed with them.


Eddie and Chrissy were truly the ship that nobody saw coming... until every Stranger Things fan fell for their easy, caring bond. Although they only shared a couple scenes in Stranger Things Season 4, the unlikely friendship between Hawkins High’s head cheerleader and outcasted burnout touched the hearts of fans. About three months after their fan-beloved scene in the woods together, Grace Van Dien and Joseph Quinn proved their Stranger Things bond is just as strong IRL with a sweet reunion selfie.

Everyone loves a good pair of star-crossed lovers — it’s a classic for a reason! And Season 4 of Stranger Things hit that Shakespearean nail right on the head with Chrissy and Eddie. The uber-popular head cheerleader slumming it with the low-life Dungeons & Dragons freak? It’s more likely than you think. After Vecna began haunting Chrissy with unending nightmares, she turned to her old pal Eddie for some... medicinal help. Instead of calling Chrissy out for turning her back on him when she became popular, Eddie helped his old friend without judgement, and it became quickly apparent just how much chemistry these two had beneath the surface.

Sadly, Chrissy became Vecna’s first victim shortly after her meet-up with Eddie, leaving fans to wonder what could have become of the duo if Chrissy had survived just a bit longer. The speculation gave rise to one of Season 4’s most prominent ships, dubbed Hellcheer (a combination of Eddie’s Hellfire Club and Chrissy’s position as head cheerleader).

On Aug. 26, Van Dien gave the Hellcheer shippers a very exciting shoutout on Twitter. “Hellcheer says hi from our lunch break,” Van Dien posted on Twitter, per Parade, alongside a selfie of herself and Quinn in a close embrace. Since sharing the photo, Van Dien has set her Twitter to private, but not before fan accounts could re-share the pic for everyone to see.

The photo is most likely from Fan Expo Canada, which ran from Aug. 25 to Aug. 28 and featured both Van Dien and Quinn as special guests. Quinn has famously had an up-and-down relationship with fan conventions since Stranger Things 4 basically gave him his own massive fandom, but it looks like things have been going smoothly for him with his number one cheerleader at his side.