Is Daenerys The “Prince That Was Promised”? ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Revealed A Major Clue

Melisandre brought down the grammatical house this week on Game of Thrones.

The Red Witch met up with Daenerys in the second episode of Season 7 to let her know about Jon Snow. She read a Valerian prophecy about the Prince Who Is Promised to bring the dawn, except Missandei pointed out an interesting bit of grammar.

The Valyrian term for prince has no gender, so the prophecy on Game of Thrones could also refer to a woman. Twitter rightly freaked out at the reveal:

Soooo, yeah things are sounding great for Daenerys right now, and even Melisandre thinks so. Stannis Baratheon's former right-hand woman is now sidling up next to Dany after revealing that prophecy to her. The only other possibility for the prophecy is Jon Snow, as Melisandre also reveals.

The scene is also the very first time that Daenerys hears the name Jon Snow in the whole series, which was another huge moment for fans of the show. After that prophecy bombshell, fans were also rejoicing the ever-growing possibility of a Jon-Dany meet-up.

Fans have been waiting for Daenerys and Jon Snow to finally come face to face for seasons now, and now it finally sounds like it's going to happen in Season 7. Of course, the interesting part will come in how they actually interact with one another.

Both Jon and Dany want the Lannisters out of power, so a team-up is sounds probable, but after that... there's only room for one on the Iron Throne. Jon meeting up with Daenerys is likely also going to link into the major parentage reveal for Jon Snow. The show has been teasing this will be the season that Jon finally discovers he is a Targaryen, which would of course lead him to talk with the only other living Targaryen in the world: Daenerys.