10 Reasons 'Gossip Girl' And 'The Office' Are Basically The Same Show

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"Gossip Girl" and "The Office" are undoubtedly two of the best shows to binge-watch on Netflix.

At first glance, they might seem like two completely different shows.

"Gossip Girl" takes place in the Upper East Side, while "The Office" calls Scranton, Pennsylvania home.

One show follows the daily lives of average individuals, while the other features the glamorous lifestyles of trust fund babies.

If you take a closer look, you will find that "The Office" and "Gossip Girl" are essentially the same thing, and here are 10 reasons why:

1. There's a lot of scheming.

Whether it's Dwight versus Jim, Michael versus Toby or Blair and her minions versus the entire Upper East Side, everyone loves a scheme, no matter the zip code.

Swap out the office supplies for designer accessories, and pranks and takedowns are essentially one in the same.

2. The Jim and Pam storyline is pretty similar to the Chuck and Blair storyline.

Jim and Pam are basically just a less-polished Chuck and Blair.

Pam was engaged to Roy while Jim drooled over her from his desk, just like Blair was engaged to Louis while Chuck had to pretend he wasn't still in love with her.

It's all so frustrating!

Why did the writers of both shows make us sit through so many seasons of absolute heartache?

3. For the two couples who defined "relationship goals," they both had pretty low-key marriage proposals.

Jim proposed to Pam at a gas station in the rain.

Chuck proposed to Blair so they wouldn’t have to testify against each other as witnesses of Bart’s death.

But, Jim and Pam and Chuck and Blair had more romance in an average day than most people will find in a lifetime.

4. Michael Scott and Blair Waldorf could probably be world leaders.

Michael and Blair are both awesome leaders.

They even share some of the same ideals.

Blair once told Little J,

You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you.

Michael Scott once said,

Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

5. Toby Flenderson and Dan Humphrey are both outsiders.

Toby works in the annex. Dan lives in Brooklyn.

The annex is to the main part of the office as Brooklyn is to Manhattan.

Everyone hates Toby. Everyone hates Dan.

6. Angela Martin and Lily van der Woodsen both fall in love with total nerds.

Angela and Lily are both primped blondes with an unusual taste in men.

Both women marry for status, but eventually — through events completely out of their control (a husband's affair with a man and a death) — the ladies end up with their true dorky soul mates, Dwight and Rufus, respectively.

7. Meredith Palmer and Serena van der Woodsen are totally out of control.

Every show needs a party girl. This is where Meredith and Serena come in.

Both are prone to random hookups, wardrobe malfunctions and waking up in mysterious places.

I wonder who's had more one-night stands?

8. Todd Packer and Georgina Sparks always come back to mess everything up.

Who rolls their eyes harder?

Everyone at Dunder Mifflin when Packer comes back from "rehab" claiming to be a new man, or the entire Upper East Side when Georgina gets kicked out of bible camp?

However, the two are usually great additions to any scheme.

Watch out, though. They're both known for throwing everyone under the bus.

(Remember when Packer gave everyone laced cupcakes? Georgina would have been so down to get in on that scheme.)

9. Mose and Dorota are the most dedicated assistants to ever exist.

Mose is Dwight’s right-hand man, just like Dorota is Blair’s go-to girl.

While Dwight and Blair often treat Mose and Dorota like servants, we all know these two friendships are the real deal.

10. Both shows have some of the best catchphrases and quotes of all time.

The only thing that’s as difficult as picking your favorite "The Office" quote is picking your favorite "Gossip Girl" quote.

If Michael Scott and Chuck Bass spent the day together, Chuck would surely try to turn his signature “I’m Chuck Bass” line into a “that’s what she said” joke.