Google Has A Plan To Keep TV Spoilers Off The Internet For Good


The final episode of "The Jinx" was recently spoiled for me because of the stupid Internet.

I finished watching the show (and you should, too) even though I knew how it ended. It was still excellent either way, but there's no doubt it would have been better if I was completely taken by surprise by the ending.

Thankfully, Google figured out a way to stop spoilers on the Internet for good.

The search behemoth recently won a patent for a system blocking social media posts that have to do with TV shows, films and books.

The system would allow a social media user to track how much of a given show, for instance, he or she has seen.

If another user posts about a later point in the show, the system will alert the yet-to-be-spoiled user and blur out the relevant content. The same concept would be applied to movies or novels.

However, the system could be bypassed if the user so chooses.

The main looming question is this: Will Google gift this service to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter?

No one uses Google Plus, so Google would have to partner with social networks in order to implement this system.

This may never actually come to fruition, but if it does, it better be before the final season of "Game of Thrones."

Here's what the system could look like:

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