Someone Actually Figured Out How Many People The Golden Girls Slept With

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Oh, Blanche! Get it, gurl! You do you!

Whether you admit it or not, you always secretly wondered how many conquests the ladies of “The Golden Girls” took down.

Stop denying it!

I know you're wondering what kind of numbers Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose were pulling in that show! I'm looking at you, dude who just loudly said,

PFFFT! What?! HA! No! I don't spend my days longingly staring out of windows, making sure the strongest female quartet in the history of strong female quartets was experiencing the simple pleasures of bonding in flesh with fellow passengers on this little blue marble we call home.

Next time, don't be so obvious, guy who just loudly said that.

The mathematicians at Refinery29 crunched the numbers while watching all seven seasons of “The Golden Girls,” and the results are pretty impressive.

Sophia Petrillo: 25 men.

Refinery29 made sure to mention it accounted for times when she probably embellished the truth by claiming she bedded Sigmund Freud, Benito Mussolini and Robert Frost.

Dorothy Zbornak: 43 men.

Not too shabby, Bea. Not too shabby.

Rose Nylund: 86 men. That's if you include old boyfriends she didn't go all the way with; her number is only 30 if you don't.

Refinery29 points out Rose was the first Golden Girl to have sex on the show!

Blanche Devereaux: 165 men.

Dayum, Blanche. Dayum. You the queen.

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