'Girl Meets World' Finally Gives Answers To What Happened To Mr. Turner

We can all sleep easy now that we have closure on what happened to Mr. Turner.

During the run of “Boy Meets World,” there were two characters who Irish Exit'd from the show without any explanations.

The first was Minkus, who mostly served as Topanga's right-hand nerdy man in the early days of the group.

The annoying, know-it-all arch-enemy of Cory Matthews kind of vanished after the first season though we did get 40 seconds of him a few seasons later.

He makes a cute joke about how he's been "in the other part of the school" this entire time and then disappears back into the "Boy Meets World" abyss.

As he leaves, he makes a reference to the second character who left John Adams High School without any audience members knowing why. Yep, it's Mr. Turner.

The long-haired hard rock teacher powered by a motorcycle, the bachelor lifestyle and a heart of gold didn't come back at any point during the show's run -- with no explanation at all.

He literally came on the show, cracked some jokes, legally adopted Shawn, kissed some girls and then left without so much as a "good luck on whatever is next" card.

All that changed when a recent episode of “Girl Meets World” answered the 18-year mystery of what happened to Mr. Turner.

In an episode titled "Girl Meets the New Teacher," Cory hires a new teacher who is immediately fired for teaching Frank Miller's “The Dark Knight Returns” on the first day of classes.

The school's superintendent is brought in and guess who it is...

So to recap, Mr. Turner is alive, he is the superintendent, he doesn't ride a motorcycle anymore, he married a nurse and he still teaches us life lessons.

We can all sleep easy tonight.

I hope Minkus is OK.

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