Dear Women Of 'Gilmore Girls': Thank You

by Rachel Weintraub

The first time I stepped into the "Gilmore Girls" town of Stars Hollow was a cold night in late February. The year was 2015, nearly eight years since the show last aired.

The show opens up with the song "There She Goes" playing in the background. We are instantly brought into the world of Stars Hollow and we see the charismatic town charm within the first 35 seconds of the pilot.

We quickly learn that Lorelai Gilmore is a coffee addict. We also learn that Luke has a soft spot for Lorelai and gives in to pour her more, even after her fifth cup of the day.

Lorelai is a spitfire, talking rapidly with a hint of spunkiness. She graciously dodges a young man who attempts to make a move, but Lorelai Gilmore can hold her own. A fresh-faced baby doll version of Lorelai enters the diner and the connection is instant.

For the first time, in Luke's, we meet the two Gilmore girls. We see that this mother-daughter bond extends to the bond of true friendship that guides the show.

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Before we know it, the opening credits begin to roll and we are introduced to the amazing Carole King. "Where You Lead" became an anthem not only for the show, but also its characters. It is a song we still cannot get out of our heads.

So it only seemed fitting to add in our anthem at the rolling credits at the end of the fourth "Gilmore Girls" revival episode. The anthem will live on forever, as will the characters of Stars Hollow.

Within the past 48 hours I have cried, laughed, smiled and then cried some more during the "Gilmore Girls" revival series on Netflix. The vibrant characters were suddenly back in my life and my heart was full.

Gypsy was trying to revive Lorelai's Jeep, Taylor was causing mayhem in the town, Luke still ran the diner, Lane and Zach were rocking the parent life and Michel was married!

However, none of these characters amounted to the three famous women the series were named for: the "Gilmore Girls." All of my interest was invested in the lives of Emily, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. How would they handle the passing of their beloved Richard? Where is Rory now in her life? Are Luke and Lorelei finally together?

Within six hour-long installments, I finally had my burning questions answered. This is my way of addressing the three Gilmore girls and thanking them.

To Emily:


Emily Gilmore, you have amazed me in how much you have grown in this series. Under all of that armor, there is a good heart and lots of love. Your weekly dinners never ceased to bring entertainment to each episode.

Through each season, I looked forward to the dinners and the antics that would occur. Despite the never-ending bickering between yourself and Lorelai, your support, love and devotion to your family never went unnoticed.

I saw your raw emotion shine through while watching you grieve the loss of Richard. I also saw comic relief, laughter, brilliant ideas and witty comebacks that would make Lorelai proud. Thank you.

To Rory:

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Thank you for being not only an inspiration, but a great friend. You have comforted me in times of sadness and have inspired me in times of doubt. I have watched you grow from a shy, bookish girl to an exuberant, strong-willed and intelligent young woman.

All of your life, you have tackled each situation with a good head on your shoulders and your passion. I loved watching each of your relationships develop and how you navigated through the rough waters we call love. By the way, I was always #TeamJess.

Back in high school I also dreamed of being the next top journalist, and I got to live vicariously through you. Don't forget about your roots in Stars Hollow, but remember to follow your heart.

I wish you nothing but the best in life. When you get lost and you begin to doubt yourself, just remember that tomorrow is a new day. Thank you.

To Lorelai:


You offered comfort in a way that only mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese do. The pop culture references within your quick-witted banter were truly fascinating.

People tell me all the time how boring "Gilmore Girls" is, but there was something about your character that kept me enticed. The independence, feminism and passion you showed poured from your heart -- and there was coffee pouring through your veins.

Watching the relationship between you and Rory often reminds me of the relationship between my mother and I. It's comforting to watch a mother-daughter bond as dynamic as yours emerge, grow and deepen within the series.

You were a favorite character of mine, as well as many of my friends. You kept us interested throughout the series, comforted us when things went wrong and made us laugh almost every episode. Thank you.

"Where you lead, I will follow." Thank you for being a show full of comfort and laughter. Thank you teaching me valuable lessons. Thank you for introducing me to classic movies, trendy music and a lifetime of junk food.

If you need me to be with you, I will follow where you lead.