20 Lessons Gilmore Girls taught me before my twenties

Before I graduated from high school, drastically cut my bangs or even began to obsess over Mindy Kaling, I lived in a world where small-town charm was “the thing” and "Gilmore Girls" was my life.

Netflix announced that it will begin streaming all seven seasons of "Gilmore Girls" starting today, so, of course, October 1 will now, and forever more, be a holiday to fans everywhere.

To celebrate, I've put together an ode to the show that was everything. Here are 20 reasons why we love those adorable "Gilmore Girls" and all they taught us growing up.

1. Witty Banter

Quick, witty banter is great for confusing your friends and driving your parents to the loony bin. With the amount of time I spent watching Rory and Lorelai Gilmore speak a million words a minute, I suddenly gained the super power and was able to speak just as fast.

My parents think I have a problem (mainly a sugar-hyper issue), but I know I’ll always be accepted into the Gilmore clan.

2. Coffee Is Absolutely Necessary

Having a coffee addiction isn’t totally bad thing. I mean, it helps us stay our fun, chipper selves. It’s how all of us function.

Tea? Tea is for the weak. Last time I checked, I crashed within five minutes of drinking tea, and that’s with five, maybe six spoons of sugar… and that may not even be enough.

3. You Are Your Own Personal Trainer

Rory is the ultimate motivator. I don’t need a personal trainer to make me work. Well, sometimes I do after all that sugar, but when I get tired of being hard on myself, I give in to watching "Gilmore Girls."

I've learned that no one is going to get into Yale with sucky grades and a can-don’t attitude. So, I drank some more coffee, adopted Rory’s school-obsessed habits and got to work.

4. There Is No Such Thing As Being Bored

Have you seen the amount of books that are hidden within each episode? I always feel bad for not reading enough, and worse, for reading on an electronic device.

So, after graduating from college, I decided to read as many books as I would have been assigned to read in school, on my own time. I find reading much more enjoyable than young adult fiction romance garbage. Substance, people!

5. You Can't Choose Your Family

I thought my family was screwed up, until I met Emily and Richard Gilmore’s warped world. It made you reconsider what you say behind your family’s back, too? Well, at least we’re grateful.

6. The Bad Boy May Just Always Be The Bad Boy

Yes, Jess was wonderful. He was the guy that was nice to only Rory, and don’t we all want that? To have a guy change for you?

Well, sometimes a bad boy is a bad boy. Watcha gonna do? (Ehem, here’s a hint: Date a Dean.)

7. Parents Can Be Scary

Sometimes, my Mom can be scary, too; though, she doesn’t have a Korean accent and didn’t make me go to Bible college or date only Korean boys. She also didn't make me eat a tofurkey or restrict me from living my life.

Maybe I should call my Momma tonight and tell her I love her.

8. Fictional Characters Can Become Part Of Your Inner Circle

People won’t always realize that when you refer to Sooki or Lorelai, you’re talking about fictional characters. I don’t like to think they’re fictional, either.

My best friend has learned to stop asking me who I’m talking about when I say, “Rory can do it, and she’s brilliant. I can be brilliant, too!” She knows me well.

9. Healthy Food Is Overrated

Praise the Lord! No more salads and apples and veggies for dinner -- and no working out. Yes! Whatever happened to hot dogs and popcorn and chocolate and Pop Tarts and take out and burgers, and on holidays, Santa Burgers?

Granted, there was a stomach ache that followed, but man, oh man, was it satisfying.

10. A Lot Of Things Are Overrated

In addition to healthy food being overrated, so is sleep. This is where the coffee comes in... and concealer.

11. Hating Everyone Is A Skill

Michel has definitely perfected this. Maybe you’re really good at it, too. I’ve been told multiple times that I’m “too happy to live in New York,” whatever that means.

If you’re as grumpy and sarcastic as Michel, kudos to you. Extra points if you can do it all in a French accent.

12. Sometimes, It's Fun To Be A Supermarket Slut

There’s a good aisle in the market, near the ant spray. You know the one. Yep, a pretty good one to get kissed. I had my good aisle, but it was next to the vegetables… and the grocery store cameras.

So, technically, not the best aisle, but haven’t got caught yet.

13. Enemies CAN Turn Into Friends

The most unlikely person can become one of your besties. Who would have thought that Paris and Rory would make it? My best friend and I hated each other when we first met.

Well, she was cool, and I was socially challenged with asthma, so I can understand, but now she loves me, so it all worked out.

If Rory can somehow find something to like about Paris, I think there’s hope for anyone -- even the nerdy girl who got "Student of the Month" twice in one year.

14. The Good Girl Almost Always Wins

Rory is the ultimate good girl. I don’t need to tell you that, but from one good girl to another, she ends up being single because who needs a man at every moment of every day?

Well, needy girls, not good girls. You know why? Good girls have their heads on straight, and know they want to be big-time journalists who ask the hard questions, and if that entails working for the president, then gosh darn it, let it be!

15. Sex On The Beach Should Probably Just Be A Drink And Not An Action

After Lane’s gruesome experience with deflowerment and sand, I don’t think that’ll be on the bucket list for me. I already hate the beach with the sand and the sun and the salt water.

I think I’m gonna take it from Lane and just skip the whole nudist beach altogether.

16. Just Because You Stay In On The Weekends Doesn't Mean You're Lame

I’m over the whole “let’s get shwaysted and dance on tabletops” routine. I’m all about that "Casablanca," "Pippi Longstocking" and "Willy Wonka" movie marathon.

A classy Friday night and Thai food? Oh, yeah, I’m in. (I’ll bring the Febreze, if needed.)

17. Miss Patty Has More Game Than Anybody I Know

That woman is all about confidence and has no shame. I can’t compete. Although I don’t aspire to be a spinster, I know the stories she has will far exceed any love triangle or crazy guy story I’ll ever have.

Is it a little depressing? Not horribly. I can just aspire to be her and think, "What Would Miss Patty Do?" and attempt to do Lorelai’s hair twirl.

18. Sometimes, You're More Like Your Mother Than You Think

Yeah, it can be a shock to me, too. It’s this weird cycle that just keeps going, even if you try to run away from it.

I grew up being asked if I was adopted (ehem, my mother is Chinese). Now, it’s odd how alike we look.

I never thought that would happen. Then, that phrase you make fun of your mother for now starts to become your catch phrase, and you start telling corny jokes like her, too.

Poof, all of a sudden, you’re shopping at Saks and planning dinner parties. You’ve been warned.

19. Sometimes, You Just Have To Cry It Out

Someone “big” in your field or study or your career can tell you that you don’t have “it,” but you just have to put on some lipstick and figure yourself out.

Don’t go and steal a yacht by any means, but pull yourself together and seriously ask yourself if this is what you want to do.

That “it” factor isn’t just given, and Rory taught me that. You have to seriously strive and commit to your goals. It’s not easy, and I’m glad I could see that she struggled, too.

She’s like everyone else trying to make it (in a fictional world), but if she were real, she would make a damn good journalist.

20. You Can Follow Your Dreams

The most valuable lesson I learned from "Gilmore Girls" is that I can pursue my dreams as a lover of reading and writing.

I didn’t think that was possible until I devoted my afternoons to the show, and then my life to my career. It’s kind of amazing how much a fictional character can impact a person, but if it weren’t for the Gilmores, I might not be writing this at all.

"Gilmore Girls" taught me that we all, no matter what it is, can pursue whatever we want.Now, we can be reminded again when we rewatch every episode on Netflix.Probably with a cup of coffee in hand.

Photo Courtesy: WB/Gilmore Girls