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Paris From 'Gilmore Girls' Reveals Who Rory Ends Up With

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been truly a terrible year. The only saving grace this year might have is the Netflix revival of "Gilmore Girls."

I swear to God, Netlflix... if you ruin this for me...

Recently, Liza Weil, who you may remember best as tightly wound Paris Geller, sat down with Marie Claire to discuss the show, including *GASP* just who does Rory Gilmore end up with?!

It's uh... probably not Paris. BUT BOY, WOULDN'T THAT BE SOMETHING?

Weil admits that her knowledge is limited to the episodes she was a part of. The show is shrouded in such secrecy, she wasn't even allowed to read the other two episodes.

Weil also commented that "Gilmore Girls" has always been an incredibly feminist show, notably when Paris rejected a guy to put her career first.

Would Rory do the same thing in the revival?

When asked about Rory's love life, Weil dished,

Amy [Sherman-Palladino] comes to it from the point of view that none of those previous boyfriends were the right person for Rory. They served a purpose for her during that time in her life, and she hasn't necessarily found 'the person' yet.

WHAT? So, it doesn't matter if I'm on Team Dean, Team Jess or (and I would rather die) Team Logan?!

Weil added,

Of course, it's a television show and there are so many beloved characters, and people have a tendency to romanticize a notion of "maybe there's somebody who can loop back around, isn't that a lovely idea?" In the world of Stars Hollow, there's an aspect of that which could work.


Does she, or does she not end up with the kindhearted, tall buffoon Dean, the bad boy with a heart of gold Jess or... Logan.

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Ugh, I can't deal with this kind of stress. The four 90-minute episodes of "Gilmore Girls" hits Netflix on November 25.

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