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You Can Make A 'Gilmore Girls' Ice Cream Flavor

Winter, spring, summer or fall -- it's always a good time for ice cream.

In honor of the Netflix revival of the beloved show "Gilmore Girls," a Brooklyn creamery is running a special competition.

Ample Hills Creamery posted on Instagram the referenced-filled post. It reads,

Whether you are Team Jess or Team Dean, we are calling on you to create and name a flavor worthy of this Stars Hollow reunion. Put on your Sookie chef hat, fill up at Luke's Diner, stop by Doose's Market, and tap into your inner Paris Geller to fire up that competitive spirit to produce pop culture references so rapid fire it would make Lauren Graham blush.

The competition will run until October 31 (spooky... that's Halloween), and the winner will receive a free pint of ice cream, a cup of coffee and an invitation to Friday night dinner.

The winner's ice cream concoction will be sold at the creamery's NYC location, but if you can't make it to the east coast, you can order it from their website.

The mother and daughter were known for their movie-watching nights where they were surrounded by junk food so this contest totally makes sense.

So what kind of ice cream do you think screams "Gilmore Girls?"

Obviously coffee would be a safe choice, but maybe you should get a bit more creative?

One Instagram user @megancasian tops off coffee ice cream with chocolate-covered espresso beans and fresh coffee grounds -- so she will literally never sleep again.

Another user, @samiroxx suggests "1000 Yellow Daisies," which includes banana flavored ice cream, with pistachios and yellow and green M&Ms. I am allergic to pistachios, so I don't think so, Sami. It doesn't "roxx" to me.

And @leeanna1988 got a little patriotic with The Pop Tart Platter. She writes,

It Tastes like freedom and rebellion and independence. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry and blueberry swirl and pop tart pieces.


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