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Gigi Hadid Basically Confirms She's Dating Zayn In The Cutest Way Ever

If the lock screen of your phone displays a picture of a massive Voodoo Doughnut or your best friend mid-sneeze, then you're definitely not Gigi Hadid, and your life is a little sadder for it.

Gigi Hadid's lock screen -- as evidenced by photos taken at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on Tuesday -- is all about Zayn Malik. (Disclaimer: Our news team cannot decide if these photos are Photoshopped or not.)

Yes, OK, Gigi and Zayn haven't officially announced their outrageously beautiful union, but you don't lock-screen a black and white photo of your sexy guy friend and parade it past paparazzi while wearing heart pants without suggesting something to fans.

We see you @GiGiHadid — Gigi Hadid News (@GigiHadidsNews) January 19, 2016

Zayniacs may continue living in denial, insisting the ex-One Direction singer doesn't wake up each morning, smell Gigi's long, blonde hair and think,

Mmm… gardenias.

Sadly, reality suggests both these beauties are taken.

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