Watch Out Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid Is In Talks To Get Her Own Makeup Line

~*~*~*And in that moment, I swear we were all beautiful, rich, blonde girls*~*~*~

Those of us looking to use Gigi Hadid's flawless face skin as our own personal flesh mask are about to get as close to doing so as is legally permitted.

The Maybelline spokesmodel may very well bless the world with her own line of cosmetics in the near future.

Maybelline Vice President Steven Waldberg told Women's Wear Daily,

She's young. She's beautiful. She's very motivated. She has created a true career for herself. She's designing product in collaboration with a lot of other brands, and we're hoping to do a lot more with Gigi. She's someone that I think a lot of young girls relate to and look up to.

Fans familiar with Gigi's look may now begin speculating about the types of products the 21-year-old will include in her future line.

Fresh-faced moisturizers?

Dewy highlighters?

Neutral eyeshadow palettes?

Liquid eyeliner in every shade of black?

Try to contain your excitement for the line, as it still appears to be in the earliest phases of conception. We shall all be Gigis soon enough.

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