These 'Squid Game' gift ideas are perfect for fans.

9 Gifts To Buy For The Squid Game Superfans In Your Life

They're better than a mystery toy from a vending machine.

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Every family or friend group has at least one pop culture obsessive who always seems to know what new TV show is the next big thing and can’t stop raving about all the twists and characters. If someone close to you just popped into mind, then chances are, that person is all about Squid Game this year. The Korean survival series has been basically all anyone can talk about since it premiered on Netflix in September, which means it can serve as the perfect inspiration for gifts this holiday season. So, with your gganbu in mind, check out these gift ideas for the Squid Game superfan in your life.

TBH, Squid Game is a perfect show to help inspire creative presents. Not only is the show a mega-hit, but it is also full of instantly iconic design elements that make for striking merchandise, and it’s packed with fun games that you can totally recreate with your loved ones (without the threat of murder). Plus, everyone knows at least one person who has become completely obsessed with Squid Game. Whether that person would be down to rock some new show-inspired fashions or they’re more of a collector type who would love to receive an official figurine, there are tons of great gift options for Squid Game fans this year.

1. Squid Game Customizable Clothing

It’s always best to get your merch from the source, and Netflix has a whole treasure trove of goodies for Squid Game fans in its official shop. Even better, you can customize some of the clothing items to specify the numbers and symbols that appear on them. If your friend or family member has a favorite number or character, you can get them their very own Squid Game player shirt.

On the pink hoodie, you can choose which guard symbol you want to have emblazoned on it: a circle, triangle, or square.

2. Squid Game Funko Pops

Funko Pops are a huge deal for collectors, and luckily, an official line of Squid Game figurines has been announced. Unfortunately, they won’t be released until May 2022, but you can preorder them for your loved one now and they’ll receive the gift upon release. Walmart is even selling them in bundles.

You can also preorder individual figurines for $11.99 from Netflix’s shop.

3. Squid Game Cookie Cutter Set

One of the most nerve-wracking games in the show was when the players were tasked with cutting shapes out of dalgona, which is a Korean sweet made from sugar and baking soda. You can recreate the game (or just make a tasty snack) by ordering a dalgona set complete with the exact cookie cutter shapes featured in Squid Game.

4. Squid Game Alarm Clock

The only thing more terrifying than the Red Light, Green Light doll robot is hearing your alarm clock in the morning. For real horror fans, there’s actually a sadistic Squid Game alarm clock available that actually shoots little bullets at you when you don’t wake up on time.

5. Squid Game Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks? These colorful socks come in two Squid Game-specific designs, so you can either rock a pair that features iconic items from all the games or show off your love for the guards’ signature look.

6. Squid Game Puzzles

For that friend or family member who loves to put their mind to the test, look no further than a Squid Game puzzle. The shop Sdecorshop sells puzzles of various iconic scenes in the show, including that trippy pink stairwell.

7. Squid Game Merchandise Bundle

If you’ve got no clue about what specifically your Squid Game-loving friend might like, then just buy a merch bundle. Walmart is selling an official merch bundle from Netflix that includes a beanie, a coffee mug, a magnet, and a notebook.

8. Squid Game Pillowcases

The geometric symbols in Squid Game are the most iconic aesthetic standouts of the series. They also make for a great decor upgrade when you buy pillowcases emblazoned with umbrellas, triangles, circles, and stars.

9. Squid Game Shoes

Show your love from Squid Game from head to toe by rocking high tops with cute guard designs.

Because of Squid Game’s popularity, there’s a ton of fun merch and gift ideas all over the internet this holiday season, so have fun picking out the perfect item for your ggnabu.

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