Greta and Lucia in Season 1, Part 2 of HBO Max's 'Generation'

Generation Part 2 Is On Its Way To Break All Our Hearts

BRB, rewatching the trailer for clues about Greta and Riley.


The hookups and heartbreaks of Generation are coming back for another round very soon. The buzzy new teen series explored the diversity in dating as a young person growing up today in its first eight episodes that dropped earlier in 2021, and now the series is returning to cap off its debut season with another eight episodes that look even more intense and dramatic. Get ready for cute dates, teary breakups, and a whole lot of queer excellence, because Generation Season 1, Part 2 is on its way to give you life, and the first look at the new episodes is absolutely packed with drama.

When Generation premiered on March 11, in introduced viewers to a diverse group of high schoolers exploring different facets of their sexualities and identities in a conservative community in Orange County. Immediately, the show drew comparisons to HBO’s other big ensemble teen series Euphoria, which seemed fair, considering both shows put a spotlight on various LGBTQ+ teenagers figuring things out. Generation doesn’t go as dark as Euphoria, though; it instead offers up a more chill and lighthearted approach to storytelling. There’s still plenty of drama, though, and the second half of Season 1 already looks like it will deliver some big moments.

Generation Season 1, Part 2 Release Date

Part 2 of Generation’s first season will begin streaming on HBO Max on Thursday, June 17. The release schedule for Part 2 will mirror how HBO Max released Part 1, with the first three episodes dropping on June 17, followed by two new episodes on June 24, two more on July 1, and then the season finale on July 8.

Generation Season 1, Part 2 Trailer

HBO Max released the trailer for Part 2 on Wednesday, May 26. The trailer teases plenty of storylines to explore, specifically surrounding Nathan’s parents coming to terms with his bisexuality and a potential threat to Greta and Riley’s relationship. Given how Part 1 ended, fans are no doubt dying to jump back into it all, so mark your calendars for Generation Part 2’s premiere on Thursday, June 17.