'Gangnam Style' May Be Getting A Bronze Statue In Its Honor

Remember, way back in 2012, when all of a sudden everyone and their mother loved K-pop, thanks to the now infamous hit, "Gangnam Style?"

It appears the good people of the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea didn't forget about what the mega-hit did for them.

Now, Mashable reports, the area is hoping to celebrate the YouTube sensation with its very own bronze statue.

The statue, if approved, would sit in front of the South Korean COEX shopping center, which is one of the locations the video was filmed in.

Just what would this statue look like? It would be a 17-by-24-foot statue of Psy's delicate pony hands from the video, of course.

The district has set a $366,301 budget for the project and is currently taking bids online.

The district is hoping to have the elegant statue up by December.

And just for fun, here's the video, so you can get the song stuck in your head for another three years.

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