New 'Game Of Thrones' Teaser Gives Major Clues About Dany's Upcoming Battles

by Ani Bundel

Most of us think of Game of Thrones as a US based show, or a UK one, due to the popularity of it in both countries.

But there's another region of Europe where Game of Thrones mania reaches the same fever pitch as it does here: Spain.

Ever since Season 5, when the production began using Spanish towns and landmarks to stand in for various locations in Westeros and Essos, the scale of interest in the show has skyrocketed.

As a result, HBO has taken to releasing teasers and exclusive new footage aimed at the Spanish market. Some of it never airs over here -- much like this video below, which was released on Facebook by HBO's Spanish affiliate HBO España.

The footage is from the special Game of Thrones exhibit in Madrid that the production set up over the weekend, and it includes sneak peeks of what's to come in Season 7.

Let's break down some of the more tantalizing shots, shall we? Starting with:

HBO España

Dany's arrival at her new home. Dragonstone!

One wonders if there are any Baratheons left behind from Stannis' personnel that will need to be done away with? Considering the lack of living Baratheons in Westeros, hopefully they'll all be sensible and pledge their allegiance to whoever shows up to pay their wages.

HBO España

We've seen shots of Dany on her new throne, but this image of her heading into sit down (maybe for the first time?) is so great. It should be noted, this is the true throne of her ancestors, who resided here for a good decade before they conquered Westeros, or made that horrid spiky chair everyone's been fighting over.

HBO España

Surely everyone wasn't Kung Fu Fighting? But if you're the Unsullied Army and you're laying siege to.... Casterly Rock perhaps? Everyone is definitely fighting. (Those are Lannister red robes their enemies are wearing.)

HBO España

We assume, since there are seven episodes this season, that Dany's forces won't just up and defeat Cersei's that easily. But here it looks like the Unsullied are finally living up to that "unstoppable force" reputation.

HBO España

Please don't let that be Greyworm. Please don't let that be Greyworm. Please don't let that be Greyworm....

HBO España

Meanwhile, back at home, Dany is exploring the caves. Let's hope she's not thinking about chaining up her dragons again.

Bonus Non-Dany Centric Shot:

HBO España

Looking good there, Podrick. You keep that up and Arya will take a whole minute before kicking your butt, instead of 30 seconds.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16, 2017, at 9 p.m. ET.