'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Will Film In Spain, Here's What That Means For Season 7

by Ani Bundel

In a normal Game of Thrones season, this coming Sunday would be the finale of Episode 10, and we would all be currently reeling from the major shock moments of Episode 9.

But in between our coverage of the season finale, we would also be starting to get excited for the next season, as this is the period when HBO begins the process of contracting with local governments around Europe for on-location filming.

As we all know, this is not a "normal" Game of Thrones season.

But the fact remains it's still the point in the year when HBO and the production are doing their official business of contracting for the final season. And so, we have the slightly bizarre experience of beginning our reports on Season 8 before we've even seen a full minute of Season 7.

Today's report on the production machinations for Season 8 is out of Spain, where ABC.es is reporting the following (rough translation):

The production company has contacted the city council of Andalucía yesterday to formally request to film in the spring of 2018 in two locations where is filmed for Season 7: The Royal Atarazanas and The Ancient Roman City of Italica

Rumors have it those two areas were used to film the same spot in King's Landing: The area that the Targaryens once used to house their dragons, known as "The Dragon Pit." Filming there included a lot of cast members this season.

So what does that means for Season 7?

It means King's Landing isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and at some point, this area will turn up again. Some people have speculated the "Last Battle," as it were, would occur in Winterfell, as the Starks lead the charge against the Night King when he does finally cross the Wall.

For those who thought that perhaps post Season 7 we would abandon the south and have all of our characters head up the King's Road one last time, it looks like the answer might be "not so fast."


It also means, that whatever happens this season, our characters will be returning to the Dragon Pit -- perhaps because they are bringing dragons to King's Landing?

One this is definitely for sure: Cersei might blow up other portions of King's Landing this season for fun. (It worked so well for her in Season 6!) But at least one part of the city will still stand come the end of Season 7.

(Also... they're not filming there until the Spring of 2018?!?! Perhaps those rumors that Season 8 is not coming until 2019 are correct after all.)