'GOT' Season 7 Finale Teaser Shows Just How Bad Things Are In Westeros

by Ani Bundel

There's only one episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 left before the longest night comes and we wait for the final episodes to air. But before that happens, we've still got a “next time” trailer to study. We know a little bit of what we're facing next week, as Daenerys and Jon Snow will present a wight to Cersei and Jaime. We also know that Brienne is on her way to King's Landing to represent Sansa. Let's see what else we can learn from the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale teaser.

As has been true since Episode 5, we once again are without a title or a synopsis for next week's episode. We didn't learn last week's title until the episode leaked, so let's hope, for everyone's sake that isn't what it takes to find out the title for this one. If for no other reason, I doubt very much that HBO would appreciate having two episodes leaked in a row.

So, once again, all we have are a few images strung together in a YouTube video to give us any idea of what happens next. Let's deep dive into what we see, in hopes of learning something, shall we?

Ladies & Gentlemen Please, Take Your Places


Grey Worm and Unsullied, present and accounted for!

Greyjoys Ready


Is Yara on those boats?

Dany's Team Ready


Wait, where's Dany?

Dany's Full Army Is Present & Accounted For


Jaime and Bronn are impressed.

Sansa Is Not There


Is she regretting her decision?

The Dragon Pit


Okay, that's impressive.

More Dragon Pit Overviews


Because ooh, ahh.

Jon Snow & Company


Is he standing with Pod but not Dany? (Where is Dany?)

Cersei Lannister Is Here


You may begin.

The Only Line Tonight


"There's only one war that matters. And it is here."

I can't wait. This is going to be epic.