'GOT' Theories Prove Season 7 Episode 6 Will Be The Biggest Episode Of The Season

by Ani Bundel

Tonight's the night, we're going to get it right, we're gonna hit Game of Thrones with our friends. But if the rumors are right, it's not this week that's going to have the fireworks. According to more than one fan theory floating around the internet this week, Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 is going to be the biggest episode of the season.

Traditionally, the second to last episode of any Game of Thrones season is the biggest of the year. From Ned Stark's beheading all the way back in Season 1, to the Battle of Blackwater and the Battle of Castle Black in Seasons 2 and 4, respectively, to the Red Wedding is Season 3, the penultimate, "ninth" episode of Game of Thrones is the one that makes fans lose their minds. Even as late as last season, that's where "The Battle of the Bastards" fell.

Next wee, of course, isn't Episode 9, it's Episode 6. But that doesn't make it any less the penultimate episode of the season. It just means it's getting here faster due to a shortened Season 7.

(If anything this might suggest that our wait for Season 8 should focus on Episode 5, since that will be the penultimate episode, as the showdown between Jon Snow and the Night King. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.)

One of the major things we know about tonight is that Jon will tell Dany that Bran has seen the Night King heading towards Eastwatch. That's in the trailer. That suggests that at some point in the hour, Dany will either commit troops to go North with Jon, or she will refuse him and he'll go North by himself because he's a hard-headed bastard.

That suggests that episode 6 will have the outcome of said northern journey, maybe in the back half of the episode. And from the clips in the trailers released before the season started, "Hardhome Part 2" would not be a misnomer for said upcoming battle.

Another theory that's floating around: Season 7 episode 6 will be like Seasons 2 and 4, in that it will be filmed at a single location episode. It seems hard to believe this is true, especially with so few hours left in the show. But if this is true, and the entire hour is spent North of the Wall, prepping for and then battling the Night King, this could well be the pivotal "Fight For The Wall."

As we're all pretty sure that Wall is coming down before the final six episodes next year, that can only mean that Jon's second time facing the Night King will go as badly as the first.

Who goes with him? Who will live or die? That part we can't be sure of, but considering The Hound's visions in the flame back in the opening episode saw the Battle of Eastwatch, we feel like Jon will at least have one man with a flaming sword standing at his side.

You know, that's a pretty nifty trick. Maybe Thoros of Myr will share it with Jon Snow, since he too was resurrected by the Red God...