'GOT' Season 7 Episode 6 Photos Prove It's Going To Be As Epic As We Hope

by Ani Bundel

Once again, it is Wednesday. And in the world of Game of Thrones, that means it's the day that the official photos come out for next Sunday's episode. After last night's leak, we were a little concerned HBO might not release them, but tradition will out, and photos are here. So what does this week's batch of Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 photos hint at? Only an episode of epic scope, with a few contemplative moments in between.

This is the part of the post where I usually remind everyone of the episode title and synopsis. But due to all of the insanity that's gone on this month, from the HBO hack (which in the end contained very little in the way of actual episode spoilers), to the deliberate release of Season 7 episode 4 by employees of the India affiliate who air the show, to the accidental release of Season 7 episode 6 by people who accidentally miscoded things at HBO's Spanish and Nordic affiliates, those days of routine press releases giving us a bone to chew on are gone. Thanks, guys.

But we do have a title, thanks to the leak. This week's episode is called "Beyond the Wall."

Let's look at the pictures.

Dany and Tyrion Drinking Together Again


The last time we saw them do this, it was their first meeting in Season 5. We can only hope for another epic tête-à-tête like that again.

Dany In A New Outfit


A white fur gown. So appropriate for dragon riding and walking across muddy grass swept plains.

Sansa And Arya Discuss Things


We can only hope that the name "Littlefinger" comes up, and the two of them realize they're being played.

Sansa Looks At Papers In Front Of Brienne


Does Sansa know of Jon's trek northward? Is she planning to have Brienne ride out and join their quest? (How hard will the Hound plotz when he sees her?)

And Now, Our Heroes


The Magnificent Seven. The SnowCo. The Men Who Went A-Wighting.

I could go on all day, you know.

Heroic Portraiture 1: Jon Snow


It's been a good long minute since our photos contained stand alone portraits of characters. We assume Jon gets one since he's their leader.

Heroic Portraiture 2: Tormund Giantsbane


We are slightly concerned that Tormund gets one. Does this mean his hours are numbered? We would hate to see him die without ever getting a kiss from Brienne.

Heroic Portraiture 3: Jorah Mormont


Same question, Jorah Mormont version. I would hate to see Jorah perish after all he's been through.

The Resurrected


What do you suppose they're discussing? The cafeteria food in the afterlife? Things that are annoying about R'hllor? Fatal Wound Maintenance?

The Doom of Winter


Forget the Doom of Valyria. Those guys perished in fire. These guys look like they're about to perish in ice.