Jon And Sansa's Reaction In This 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere Scene Is Everything


This post contains spoilers from "Game Of Thrones" Season 7, Episode 1. 

At the end of last season, Game of Thrones had condensed Westeros down to three major centers of power: Jon Snow and Co., Team Targ, and the Last of the Lannisters. With Winter, the Night King, and the Long Night all on their way, it's inevitable that we will see these three power centers come together to fight. (It's how the whole fantasy genre works, y'all!) But how?

The fact is, someone will have to reach out first to make a connection. But who will be the first one to make an overture? Jon to Dany? Dany to Cersei? Or Cersei to... nah. Let's be real, can anyone really see Cersei reaching out to the other centers of power in King's Landing for anything?

Well, actually...

One gets the feeling that the ravens demanding people bend the knee will be coming thick and fast early in this season, before we reach the point where actual alliances start to get formed. And the first of those to send threatening "Bend the Knee or Else!" type messages is Cersei. She beat Daenerys Targaryen to the punch on being the whole "First Queen of the Andals In Westeros," so I suppose she gets to send the ravens first as a reward.

Sansa, to use the popular phrase, seemed pretty triggered by that missive. Not all that surprising. Though the Lady in Winterfell is obviously working through her issues with Littlefinger, and has a decent grasp on how to handle his antics, Cersei is another matter. Remember, the last time Sansa last saw Cersei, she was still being forced to wear her hair in Lannister-approved hairstyles out in public (it was Joffrey's wedding), and call Tyrion her husband. It's natural that she would freak a little. ("You almost sound as if you admire her; indeed.")


Personally, I found Jon Snow's response to her to be pretty priceless. After all, think of the logistics. Remember how Stannis' army got bogged down in that snowstorm outside Winterfell, and had to burn a small child in order to get unstuck? Imagine that happening to Cersei's army times 1,000, and they won't have any children handy to burn either. Cersei is being ludicrous.

Maybe the next raven insisting he bend the knee won't be as impractically threatening. At least, considering Tyrion will probably have influence in the writing of it, we can hope so.

Game of Thrones Season 7's first episode is streaming now on HBO.com.