10 Times Kit Harington And Rose Leslie's Love Gave Us Life IRL

by Stephanie Ironson
Warning: There are some spoilers ahead, but you've probably already seen them all on the Internet.

Year after year, week after week, "Game of Thrones" fans suffer through the horrors of the show in the hopes they will eventually get a glimpse of something pure and joyful.

For example, Jon and Sansa's reunion this season was a GLIMMER of happiness, and hearts around the world welled with emotion. Of course, because anything but crippling sadness is fleeting on the show, last week's Hodor reveal put fans back in their place.

However, there is one thing that keeps "GoT" fans going: Jon Snow and Ygritte.

Before you yell at me, "YGRITTE'S DEAD, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME YOU SPINELESS WENCH!" hear me out. While I may have a hard time differentiating between reality and fiction ("GoT" is extremely realistic, after all), I recognize the love between these two characters truly exists on and off the screen.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been dating outside the Seven Kingdoms, and I'm confident their love could single-handedly conquer the Iron Throne (if Ygritte wasn't, like, super dead).

Here are 10 times Kit and Rose proved to us we would all know nothing about love if it weren't for them.

When this duo isn't bundled up for the winter, they're SLAYING on the red carpet.

Rose Instagrammed this and we all died (too soon?) a little inside.

They have the swag of a young Jaime Lannister.

Find a man who can rise from the dead AND appreciate a good GAP t-shirt.

Ugh, she's fallen harder for him than Bran Stark.

Kit even sang this song for Rose with Coldplay.

*~A Stark in the streets and a Wildling in the sheets.~*

"Winter's not the only thing that's coming soon." (What I image Kit is whispering to Rose.)

Ugh, they are so effortlessly in love (and alive).

Thank you, Kit and Rose, for showing the world true love exists in the real modern world.