'Game Of Thrones' Photo URLs Accidentally Reveal Season 7 Episode Spoilers

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 7 is only three short weeks away. Over the last month or so, promotional images from the upcoming season have been dribbling out here and there and everywhere. But what are these images? And when do they happen in the show?

Thanks to a mistake by HBO affiliate Sky Deutschland, we now actually know the answer to these questions.

Warning: 'Game Of Thrones' spoilers come thick and fast from here!

The discovery was made last night on Twitter by user YeahClarke, who pointed out the URL blunder for the world to see:

Game of Thrones site Winter Is Coming then when through and arranged all the images in order according to their episode URLs. Please note, we only have images from the first three episodes here. (This makes sense because HBO wouldn't release promotional materials from further along in the season before the show begins to air.)

Even though it's only three episodes, we learned quite a bit about what we will be seeing. Let's go through some of the more telling reveals.

Episode 1


OK, perhaps this is not a complete spoiler, but here is Dany, having touched down at Dragonstone, kneeling upon her homeland for the first time.


Jamie and Cersei are together in the map room in King's Landing. Cersei is day drinking, natch. What war is she planning to send Jaime to, we wonder?

This image, which was released by Entertainment Weekly, is also among the reveals. What poison is Littlefinger feeding Sansa so early on this season?

Episode 2


Jon Snow, out in the snows of Winterfell. It looks like this might be his leavetaking, as this picture was also part of this episode group:

But more exciting? This next photo:

This is Arya Stark *arriving* at Winterfell. So now we have a confirmation of when Arya will come home (Episode 2). The question is... does she get there before Jon leaves? Or will Arya continue her tradition of missing Starks by just that much?

Episode 3


Dany in her throne room, in the red-edged Targaryen royal gown we saw back in May. But who is she addressing?


This portrait of Dany is also from Episode 3, and as YeahClarke notes above in her tweet, we've already seen this outfit in last week's trailer.


Looking out over the waters outside Dragonstone. Is someone arriving? Or leaving her?

We'll find out soon. Game of Thrones returns to HBO at 9 p.m. ET on July 16.