Emilia Clarke From 'Game Of Thrones' Went Topless In Badass New Photos

Emilia Clarke's photo shoot for Violet Grey features her without clothing, so basically just another day at work for the "Game of Thrones" actress.

Yep, the 29-year-old actress went full topless for the cover of the magazine, with wet hair and rings that could definitely kill you if you wronged her. Classic Khaleesi, really.

And of course, because she's Emilia Clarke it's super freakin' hot.

Seriously, Daenerys Targaryen is slaying in these photos. She definitely has my vote for the Iron Throne. (That's a thing, right? Back me up, nerds.)

Other photos feature Emilia in gorgeous, glamorous gowns. I'm sure this shoot made many nerdy guys and girls very, very happy.

Meanwhile, the real Daenerys Targaryen has no time for sexy photo shoots in heels. She's too busy leading her people and owning pet dragons 'n stuff.

But Emilia told Violet Grey she's found ways to get into the Khaleesi spirit without the fancy clothing. She said,

Find out how the character walks. You know what shoes she's wearing -- the way you hold yourself in heels is very different from the way you hold yourself in Crocs.

Well, clothes or no clothes, and dragons or no dragons, you're always looking fiery hot, Emilia!

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