This Battle Wasn't The Fight Anyone Was Expecting On 'Game of Thrones'

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3. With only seven episodes this season on Game of Thrones and six in Season 8, the amount of end game storytelling is increasing by leaps and bounds every episode. Though our opening episode this season functioned like any premiere, reminding us where characters are standing on the board before starting to have them make their moves, last week the battles started to come thick and fast. That didn't let up this week, as this episode looked to be dedicating it's back twenty minutes or so to Tyrion's Lannister's planned Casterly Rock battle scene on Game of Thrones.

This was the battle that Tyrion proposed last week that Yara and company thought wasn't strong enough, but that Dany, in her desire to listen to her Hand of the Queen, agreed to. And while last week's trailer focused on the early part of the episode with Jon and Dany meeting, we've had plenty of footage from other trailers suggesting this would be the big week where the Lannisters and the Targaryen forces clashed.

Until it wasn't. Not that there wasn't some clashing. But you know that moment where Princess Leia tells Han, "They tell us get away, that was too easy"? You could literally see that in Greyworm's eyes as they celebrated the charging of the Lannister home base. Easy? No it wasn't easy. We did finally see a bit of fighting by the Unsullied that suggested that all the talk of them being a real force in battle. And yet... it was too easy.


Why? Look, don't get me wrong, I love Tyrion. But he's fighting his own siblings. Jaime *knows* how Tyrion thinks. Jaime's going to stand in that map room Cersei made and say to himself: What would Tyrion do? Tyrion would have them attack Casterly Rock. Let's turn that into a trap.

In the end, the attack on Casterly Rock went so dreadfully wrong, we almost expected Admiral Ackbar to show up.

Say it with me y'all:

Looks like Jaime decided it was worth working with Euron after all. (Maybe having Cersei come and get down in his bed instead of Euron's after killing Tyene had something to do with it.) Dany's naval fleet has now been attacked and defeated twice in two episodes. The Unsullied are trapped on the Westerosi mainland. Yes they have Casterly Rock... but to what end?


And how long is Dany going to listen to Tyrion after two defeats in a row like this? Guessing the answer will be "not long at all."