'Fuller House' Season 2's First Look Gives Off Halloween Vibes

It's the creepiest time of the year.

Halloween is right around the bend, and if you've somehow managed not to get into the spookiness of the season, then let these first look photos from the set of the second season of "Fuller House" fill you to the brim with potential costume ideas.

Sure, the fact that "Fuller House" doesn't return to Netflix until December makes me want to scream "HOW RUDE!" at the top of my lungs directly at my laptop.

I guess these photos will have to tide us over for the next month...

Here's Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. dressed up as Goldilocks, after one of her three bears ate her fucking hand.

Looks like they cut... it... out.


That's right, D.J.'s kids have decided to go as the Three Bears. Oh, did I say "decided?" I meant they were probably coerced because no one in their right mind would go as one of the Three Bears.

What a truly lame AF costume idea.

Meanwhile, Kimmy Gibbler and her ex-husband Fernando went as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.


Kimmy, you got some 'splaining to do about what's going on between you and your former flame.

Below is Stephanie and Kimmy's brother Jimmy permanently scarring D.J.'s son Jackson and Kimmy's daughter Ramona.


But I've got to ask... what seven-figure jobs are the Tanner-Fuller residents rocking that they can afford to turn their household into Hollywood Horror Nights?

Realistically, all the random Halloween decor in this picture alone probably cost D.J. a casual $3,000.


Seriously, what gives?

Well, I guess we might get some insight when the second season becomes available for screening on December 9.

Maybe then we can get the Tanner-Fuller residence to release some tax returns because honestly, something is up. Don't you agree?

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