A 'Friends' Fan Figured Out Just How Much Money Joey Owes Chandler

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Over the course of the 10 seasons of "Friends," Joey borrowed a lot of money from Chandler.

Chandler helped Joey pay for rent, food, furniture, headshots and a number of other items.

One redditor wanted to find out just how much Joey actually owed Chandler.

So, redditor lincoln9659 asked the They did the math subreddit how deeply in debt Joey was to Chandler. And the subreddit responded in painstaking detail.

I won't go into the boring details of the numbers behind Joey's living expenses, but let's just say they are considerable.

For example, Chandler paid the rent for his and Joey's apartment that was estimated to be around $3,500 a month. Chandler did this for three years.

Chandler also covered the costs of Joey's dates, of which there were quite a few. The redditors supposed Joey spent about $50 for each date, but The Daily Dot estimates he would've probably spent closer to $75 on each potential suitor, which comes to $3,900 every year.

When all the numbers were tallied together, it was determined Joey owed Chandler a whopping $119,760. The Daily Dot's final total came to $120,760.

But, of course, none of it will ever be paid back because "Friends" is a sitcom.

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