Floyd Mayweather Just Received A Live Tiger As An Early Christmas Gift


Well, look what we have here. It appears Christmas has come early for Floyd Mayweather.

On Thursday, the boxer showed off just how ridiculous his life has become with an Instagram photo of his new pet tiger.

That's right; according to Mayweather, he was gifted a live baby tiger for Christmas.

The caption of his photo reads,

What's even crazier than Mayweather receiving a tiger is that in his home state of Nevada, he actually gets to keep it.

According to Big Cats Rescue, Nevada law requires,

Beyond that, the state may impose a cage requirement and that's it.

Tigers, however, are still a highly endangered species. While their numbers have increased in India (where Mayweather says his tiger originated from), their numbers are still falling around the world.

According to Tigers in Crisis, there are only an estimated 3,000-3,600 tigers left in the wild.

Maybe Mayweather should leave the care of raising an endangered animal to the experts. Hey, once he finds out what caring for a tiger really takes, he just might.