First Episode Of 'AHS: Cult' Has A 'Freak Show' Easter Egg & We're Terrified

by Billy Lorusso

Finally, American Horror Story is back. It's only been one night and, already, AHS: Cult looks like one of the most terrifying seasons of Horror Story yet. Between the clowns, the bees, and, oh yeah, the gruesome double murder, I can already tell I'll be watching the majority of this chapter through my fingers. (I mean, literally, the opening shot of the season is a clip of Trump campaigning, and if that's not enough to give you goosebumps, then I don't know what is.) Of all the bone-chilling aspects of the first episode, though, seeing Twisty the Clown in American Horror Story: Cult definitely takes the cake.

That's right, Twisty made a few cameos in the first episode of Cult and, though Ryan Murphy said the clown would appear at some point in Season 7, no one can ever be fully prepared to relive all the sad-clown horror he brought to Freak Show. The sinister clown showed up outta nowhere after the opening title sequence for a blood-filled park scene that is, shot-by-shot, almost an exact reenactment of the first scene during which we met him in Freak Show.

The rest of the homicidal clown's appearances in Cult's first episode (yes... there are several) are in comic books and as a doll, so those are a bit easier to handle (clearly not for Sarah Paulson's character); comic book or not, though, seeing his overly toothy smile can still sends chills up and down anyone's spine.

Ryan Murphy has said in the past that each season of AHS is connected in some way, and, prior to Roanoke, he confirmed that Seasons 7 and 8 are where viewers can expect to see those connections start to unfold and reveal themselves; so Twisty's cameos in Season 7 could potentially be the first of many hints at how AHS's chapters are interwoven, or they could just be fun Easter eggs for diehard fans of the series. One way or the other, I'm just glad it wasn't Dandy's creepy ass who made a comeback.

Now I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more AHS Easter eggs in the next few weeks.