'Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Hilariously Sings To Trolls Who Insulted Her Boobs

by Billy Lorusso
Warner Bros.

So far, Wonder Woman has been one of the most talked about films of the year, and for good reason. The latest DCEU adaptation brought in insane box office numbers and proved to any skeptics out there that female-led films deserve Hollywood's attention.


Like anything else in this glorious digital age, though, the trolls of the internet have found something to attack. This time around, the focus is Gal Gadot's boobs and armpits (because why wouldn't it be in 2017?).

Naturally, after finding nothing of substance to criticize in Wonder Woman, some have found it necessary to rehash the ancient claim (dating all the way back to 2013) that Gal Gadot's boobs aren't big enough to play Princess Diana, citing Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as more comparable to the original comic book version.

Fortunately for us, Gal Gadot is a gift to the human race and has responded to the criticism in the most glorious way imaginable: By singing about her boobs.

TBH, Gal's song is exactly what this era of stale music needs. It's short, sweet, and melodious. She sings, "The boob is not enough, breasts are too small," and, suddenly, all of your favorite pop stars are shook.


The Zoomin.TV interview went on to address yet another tired criticism focused on Gadot's body: the fact that her armpits were shaved for the role, at which point Gadot revealed her thoughts on the critics and their notions of what Wonder Woman's body should look like:

I think it's all bullsh*t. And I think it all has absolutely nothing to do with the character. It's not relevant and the people who do it, like seriously, do something good. If you have time, do something good with it.

Wow. A modern day Mother Teresa. Well said, Gal. Let's hope moving forward that people will take your advice and focus less on trivial criticisms and more on the impact of the art.

The moral of this story? Gal Gadot is a goddess, she wins today and every day. Look for her next single (feat. Chris Pine) on iTunes.