Will Acclaimed Porn Star Sasha Grey Make An Appearance In The Entourage Movie?

Washed up porn star Sasha Grey is making appearances in "Entourage" on writer/producer/director Doug Ellin's Instagram today. She is seen enjoying some drinks with Adrian Grenier, which simply just begs the question, WHY?

Will the back door queen be making another dreadful "Entourage" appearance? Will we have to watch her terrible acting as she turns Vince into a coke-head? Will she duke it out with rumored female lead Kate Upton? Will this inspire Upton to dip into porn herself?

Who else can we expect in the feature film? Party boy NFL Patriot Rob Gronkowski has been confirmed for a cameo appearance, which isn’t that entirely unexpected (?).

Only a little over a month until production begins!!! As more details are revealed about the ass-machine, we will be sure to pass them along. In the meantime, enjoy the 14 most memorable moments from "Entourage."

H/T: Instagram, Top Photo Courtesy: Instagram