This Girl Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen' And She Takes Full Advantage Of It (Photos)

While you may think that Elsa is generic enough that any girl with long, blonde hair in a blue dress would look like her, there's an 18-year-old girl, Anna Faith, who actually looks EXACTLY like her.

So much so that she's making money as what I assume is an Elsa impersonator.

Taking full advantage of her genetics, Faith even recruited one of her friends to dress up as Elsa's younger sister, Anna.

Fully clad in their "Frozen" attire, the two make appearances at schools and birthday parties.

And seriously, what's the point of being Elsa if you can't belt "Let It Go" without judgement?

Faith is so dedicated that she even went to her prom as the ice princess.

The best part of her whole impersonation is how strong her smirk game is.

H/T: Time