The Steamy New 'Fifty Shades' Trailer Will Scare The Pants Right Off You


Scared and horny is the powerful combination of feels the new "Fifty Shades Darker" trailer will give you.

It dropped last night during "The Bachelor" season premiere (who else can believe Nick gave a rose to that chick from the wedding who never took his number by the way!?).

Yes, the terrible on-screen chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan based on the even worse book is back -- and for some reason we just can't get enough.

It's probably because there's mountains of uncontrollable lust the average relationship is seriously lacking.


SO MUCH LUST. Maybe too much (never too much).


"Fifty Shades of Grey" was all about uncomfortably hot bondage. While the sequel is sure to maintain its saucy roots, you can expect something completely different with helicopter crashes and guns. Think "Die Hard" meets porn.

At least, that's what this new trailer is suggesting.


I haven't read the second book, so forgive me for not delving into the plot too much. But it looks like Christian Grey has tamed his animalistic urges so he can have what resembles a normal life with Anastasia Steele.

Here they are leading a totally normal life on a yacht together somewhere exotic:


But it will be shattered by Grey's seedy past and a new love interest for Steele.

The first film was based solely around the pair's relationship. The sequel will see their world expanded with the introduction of new characters, so expect some new enemies.


Yep, that's a weapon. It's obviously one of Grey's former flames. The trailer ends with her raising the gun at Steele, asking her, "tell me what you have that I don't."

To be fair, it actually looks a lot better than the first movie, but I'm still going to watch it in the privacy of my own home so people can't see my weird, horny sweat.