Meet Alessandro Proto: The Man Who Claims To Be The Inspiration Behind Christian Grey From '50 Shades Of Grey'

by Veronica Grossman

Alessandro Proto believes that he is the man responsible for soaking women's underwear all over the world. He claims to be the inspiration for EL James's wildly popular CEO and S&M master, Christian Grey in her best-selling "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels.

Proto is an Italian real estate agent who met James in 2010 (a year before the first book was published), while she was touring Italy and writing about international celebrities snapping up properties in the country.

This is the typical guy mantra. He meets a woman for a few days and thinks he's made such an impression on her that she ends up writing three best-selling novels about him. Pahhhhlease.

Proto says he has undeniable connections to prove his claim. Let's take a look shall we:

1. Christian Grey's firm in the book is called Grey Enterprise Holding and Proto's real estate firm is called Proto Organization Holding.

SO? So are a lot of other firms.

2. He told the New York Daily News that when he met James he drove an R8 Audi, which is the same car Grey drives in the book.

Sorry Proto, a lot of sexy entrepreneurs drive that car.

3. Proto's office is located on the 8th floor, which is the highest in his building. He says that he came from nothing so he associates top floors with success. Christian Grey does as well.

I'm confused, don't most people associated high floors with success? Ever heard of a little thing called the penthouse suite?

4. Proto also notes that "Everyone knows [Christian Grey] made it, but nobody knows how he reached success. Same with me"

You're in real estate in Italy. Did I just figure it out?

5. Christian Grey does not like to speak to reporters. Proto says they have that in common.

Umm, didn't you tell this story to a reporter?

The one place Proto admits the two are not the same is in the bedroom.

"Everything that has to do with S&M is pure imagination, I assure you. I'm an old fashioned man when it comes to sex, I'm not into that kind of fantasies."

The entire story has to do with Grey being an sex animal! If you two don't have that in common than this character is 100 percent not based on you.

Until I hear this come directly from EL James herself I will not believe it.

via New York Daily News, Top Photo Courtesy: Letter 43