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This Is How Far Sam And Frodo Walked In 'Lord Of The Rings' Trilogy

If the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is about one thing, it's about walking.

That's all anyone ever does in those movies. Sure, there are some battles and heartfelt moments from time to time, but it's mostly a couple of short, hairy dudes strolling through Middle-earth.

Seriously, rewatch "The Two Towers" and tell me, with the exception of Helm's Deep, that whole damn movie isn't about putting one foot in front of the other.

If you don't believe me, take Randall's word for it.

Since there were no Fitbits in the Shire, someone to decided to figure out exactly how much walking Frodo and Sam did in the three films.

All in all, the whole journey is estimated to have been 1,350 miles. That amounts to 440 hours of walking.

No wonder Gollum had a nervous breakdown after only a portion of all that walking.

Below, you can check out some handy maps that break down the hobbitses' adventure. They're primarily in terms of locales in England.

Hobbiton to Bree was 120 miles or 40 hours of walking.


Bree to Rivendell was 300 miles or 90 hours.


Rivendell to Moria was 175 miles or 60 hours.


Lórien to Amon Hen was 300 miles or 90 hours.


Amon Hen to the Black Gate was 160 miles or 50 hours.


Black Gate to Minas Morgul would have been 110 miles or 35 hours of walking.


Cirith Ungol to Mount Doom was 70 miles or 25 hours.


In American terms, the whole journey would have been like walking from LA to Austin.


And the entire odyssey would have been 1,350 miles or 440 hours of walking.


Simply put, it was no eleventy-first birthday cakewalk.

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