'Lizzie McGuire Movie' Was Turned Into A Thriller

ElleOfTheMills on YouTube

If you didn't watch and sing along to "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" when you were a child, I'm sorry to say that you missed out.

Seriously, is that flick on Netflix or something? It deserves a re-watch.

But before you click over to see if it is available to stream, let me ruin your childhood first with this edited trailer that turns the innocent Disney movie into a nail-biting thriller.

AH! PAOLO! Put those creepy peepers away!

YouTuber Elle Mills took a few creative liberties when she recut the romantic comedy and made it into a younger version of "Gone Girl." But to be honest, Paolo (Yani Gellman) was always kind of creepy.

Hilary Duff, run away!

Elle Mills really has a talent for making Paolo look like a demented stalker.

Is this what dreams are made of... or are they nightmares?

I'd watch this over the original movie any day. Who takes a class of 8th graders to Rome? What kind of public school system is the McGuire family lucky enough to live in the district of?!

I think this video shows what could have happened to our dear Lizzie McGuire had Paolo turned out to be evil instead of just a lip-syncing, Italian pop star.

Do not get on mopeds with strangers in a country you do not know! This is a recipe for disaster! Has your mother not taught you stranger equals danger?

I, a young and impressionable girl, followed in Lizzie McGuire's footsteps. I traveled to Rome searching for the same type of adventure.

You know what happened to me?

No, I didn't become best friends with a lookalike pop singer. I got on a stranger's moped and next thing I knew, he drove me out of the city, took my passport and money, and I've been stranded on these hills ever since.

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