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First Kiss In 'Love Actually' Was A Low-Key Romance IRL

I wish I could tell you the story of my first kiss, but I can't. (Take that as you will -- maybe it's too saucy to publish or... even likelier, it hasn't happened yet, and I'm a journalist just like Drew Barrymore in "Never Been Kissed.")

"Love Actually" is a holiday staple, and I find myself muttering, "I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around" literally every time I witness anyone being kind in December.

Probably one of the most pure storylines in the movie, though, involved Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and his talented crush Joanna (Olivia Olson).

Sam catches Joanna right before she boards her flight to the United States and she gives him a kiss on the cheek causing my cold heart to grow three sizes.

But it turns out it wasn't just a big deal for the character of Sam.

Olson had a secret crush on set that made it all the more nerve-wracking. She told E! News,

It was my first kiss and on-screen kiss too. I was really nervous because I kind of had a crush on Thomas back in the day, and I was also worried because I was taller than him.

Few people get to re-watch their adorable first kiss on repeat every year at Christmas time.

Olson sang "All I Want for Christmas Is You" in the 2003 movie, and editors had to make her PERFECT VOICE sound more childlike. She said,

It's so great that the first movie I was ever in became this holiday classic. It's really exciting that people are still talking about it.

"Love Actually" isn't the last time the two played love interests either, they also provided voiceovers for "Phineas and Ferb."

Brodie-Sangster most recently portrayed Jojen Reed on "Game of Thrones" while Olson voices Marceline the Vampire Queen on "Adventure Time" while working on her music career.

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