Kids And Pets Dressed Up As 'Harry Potter' Characters Are Everything (Photos)


Apparently, yesterday was World Book Day.

In order to celebrate the occasion, JK Rowling retweeted photos of kids and pets dressed up as characters from her "Harry Potter" series.

Rowling is super engaged with her fans via social media, and this is the latest example of her awesomeness.

The "Potter" author chose some adorable photos of little kids dressed as wizards and dogs and cats in their best Hogwarts gear to share with the world.

The pics are magical, and I applaud Rowling's taste in cute photos.

Here they are:

It's mini-Potter.

Hermione casts a cuteness spell.

Nice beard, little guy.

McGonagall and Trelawney are together at last.

This pup is ready for a game of Quidditch.

It's a doggy Dark Lord.

This cat is pure magic.

What an adorable three-headed pup.

And we also have Baby Bellatrix and Harry.

Hermione and Ron make a good team.

This kid even has his own Hedwig.

This little one is going to grow up to love "Harry Potter."

Where's Hermione?

Sweet robes!

 JK Rowling approves.

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