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This Fan's Dark Theory About 'Frozen' Actually Makes Complete Sense

There are two types of people: those who watch animated Disney films and hum along to the songs and those who take to the Internet to craft dark theories about the characters' origins.

While watching scenes between Kristoff and his reindeer best friend, Sven, Redditor superclaude1 noticed the lining of Kristoff's tunic looked an awful lot like the fur of his companion.

Supposedly, the interior of his tunic is lined with gray fur while the exterior looks to have a leather-like texture.

The fan wondered if Arendelle's ice harvesters killed Sven's mother. They may have made orphan Kristoff an outfit from her pelt and left young Sven without a mother. And since Kristoff probably smelled like her, the two bonded instantly.

Dark, right? You were warned.

Huffington Post notes Kristoff's costume seems to be based on those of the Sámi, a Scandinavian indigenous people who wear traditional clothing called Gákti while herding reindeer.

Their clothing is reportedly often made of reindeer leather.

It wouldn't be Disney if it wasn't a little disturbing, right?

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