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Donald Glover's 'Spider-Man' "Nephew" Reference Hints At Mile Morales

If you were one of the fans rooting for Donald Glover to be Spider-Man back in the day, you may have felt let down by the Atlanta actor's minuscule role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

But what if I told that Glover's character was actually a very important indicator of future Spider-Man films to come?

Even though on the surface Glover's role may seem like nothing more than a petty criminal, a bit part that only exists to further the plot, he's actually a character straight from the comics: Aaron Davis.


In the comics, Aaron Davis is a career bad-guy who goes by the name The Prowler. He's also the uncle of Miles Morales — a character who eventually takes over the role of Spider-Man, and a role many were championing Donald Glover to play.

So not only does Glover's character in Spider-Man: Homecoming have that Miles Morales connection, he actually also references Miles to Peter.

Glover's character ends up giving up information to Peter because, as he tells Spider-Man, he doesn't want those weapons in that neighborhood: He has a nephew in the area

A nephew?!?

So it's confirmed (basically) that Miles Morales at least exists in this universe. It seems likely that Marvel is laying down the groundwork for a live-action Miles Morales film at some point in the future.

(An animated feature about Morales is already in the works, but I'm not really counting that.)

After all, when have the studios ever said no to a new Spider-Man film?

And no, he won't be played by Donald Glover — but at the age of 33, Glover is too old to play Peter Parker's younger replacement, anyhow.

Don't despair, Donald Glover fans. With his hit FX series Atlanta pulling in four Emmy nominations in its very first season,  he's doing just fine without the suit. (Tony Stark would be proud).

And who knows? Maybe when we finally get that live-action Miles Morales movie, Glover will be back as Aaron Davis.